Hello, I'm Kristi.

Photographer // DOG FANATIC // Adventurer

How it all started

I've been into photography since I was a teenager, but my boyfriend sold all my cameras and equipment for his needs, needless to say he did not stay my boyfriend... Years later when digital cameras started coming into being almost as good as film I got interested yet again. I joined several organizations including Professional Photographers of America PPA, I was the president of PMPA, Portland Metropolitan Photographers Association, which was an affiliate of PPA and helped other photographers learn both professional and amateur. It was great and helped a lot of people. I love photography and what it can do, many people don't realize till it is to late to have portraits done, don't be one of them... Contact me today and lets create lasting memories for you...


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Get to know me

I enjoy hiking and backpacking. You can see some spectacular sights in the wilderness areas. I love dogs and working on getting another one.. Nothing like traveling and combining photography, fun stuff


Know the facts

01 - I love dogs. Like....A LOT.

02 - I own a guitar. Enjoy playing when I have time

03 - Photography is just one of my artistic passions. I love cooking, the outdoors, and playing with my drone and creating cool videos..

04 - I race vintage motocross and work on my own bikes.. I also play ice hockey...

05 - Colorado native, but been in the NW longer

06 - I love cooking!

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