Hello, I'm Kristi.

Photographer // MX Racer/ Adventurer

How it all started

Life is all about moments, we are never guaranteed another day. Many times I am shocked at how many friends have passed on. Live every day, make your life something you are proud of. Photos can always help family and friends to remember you. I would love to create lasting memories for you about you and your family, Have a great day!!!!!


Places you might have seen us

  • Vintage MX Races
  • Parks in Hillsboro
  • Wedding Wire
  • PPA Website
  • OPPA Website
  • Yelp, but I don't claim that,


Get to know me

I have seen many things, done a lot of different things. Nothing like being out in the wilderness hiking, beautiful and thrilling getting there.

Know the facts

01 - I love dogs. Like....A LOT.

02 - I own a guitar. I play a little and enjoy it.

03 - Photography is just one of my artistic passions. I love cooking, the outdoors, and playing with a video from cameras and my drone every once in awhile.

04 - I race vintage motocross and I am a multi time champion. I also play ice hockey

05 - Colorado native, the NW is where I am!

06 - I have a passion working on my own motorcycles. 8 years ago if someone asked if I worked on them, I would say they were crazy, but I do...

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Portland Oregon Based Portrait & Commercial Photographer, Retoucher