Behind The Lens

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

located in beautiful Portland Oregon

Hello Friends, I would like to share a story about why I became a photographer because of my own heartache....

Imagine a young woman who was just married, one of the happiest days of her life. An event she had looked forward to all of her life. The wedding was good and lots friends were there. She goes to look at the wedding photos and just breaks down into tears because the images she is looking at are so horrible and she is heartbroken. The moment and emotion of the wedding now lost forever. How sad that something like that would ruin her day and that woman was I. We re-rented the tuxedos and rebought flowers, flew the best man to Oregon and retook all of the photos. However, the emotion was just not there and none of wedding guests were there either, better photos, but it was more of a portrait session in wedding clothes than an actual wedding. I never did anything with any of the images, I did not get any of the wedding images at all, they really were that bad.

Two things came out of that experience. One, I will never be that young again, that is a given. Two, because of this happening to me, I understand as well as anyone that good wedding images are a necessity. Not just would be nice, it is something you will look back on for many years, your kids will look at them, your grandkids will see them and see how much love their grandparents had for each other. I would love to be your wedding photographer and truly show your story of your day!

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